3 jours dédiés aux acteurs de la santé

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810novembre 2021

Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles - Hall 1

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Architecture in the spotlight

3 major events in the heart of the greatest francophone health ecosystem meeting

  • UIA – PHG – 38th annual seminar – « Hospital 21 »
  • Art of D.A.T.E
  • Architects Village


UIA – PHG – 38th annal seminar – « HOSPITAL 21 »

HOSPITAL 21 38ème séminaire annuel de l'UIAThe International Union of Architects (UIA) “Public Health Group” annual seminar

During the annual seminar held in Dalian, China, in May 2015, the PHG executive committee approved unanimously a motion selecting Paris as  the host of the 2018 annual seminar. In doing so, the French capital is following Nairobi (Kenya, 2016) and London (United Kingdom, 2017).
This choice of Paris to welcome this annual seminar positions France as prime representative of the whole of Europe.
In Paris, the annual seminar will bring together several hundred architects from the world, thus contributing to reflections foreshadowing the hospital of tomorrow.

This momentum is an exceptional opportunity for France and Europe, allowing hospital workers, architects, engineers, industrial designers and all players who think about the future of our institutions to share their vision on the evolution of national and international hospital design both on architectural, technological, and human levels.

Themes for the 38th International Seminar

  • The digital hospital
  • Architecture for an aging population and behavioral health
  • Emerging trends in hospital design
  • The universally accessible hospital
  • The hospital and the city
  • Future-proof healthcare facilities and biomedical technologies
  • Designing the green hospital of the future

Click here to download the full program of the seminar

To attend the Seminar, book your visitor badge by clicking here– paying access. (Click here to see prices)

FOCUS SESSION-FRANCEFocus on the France Session programme

The France Session will present a focus on hospital architecture in France and with the main theme: « 10 years of modernization of the French public hospital ». It will be held Tuesday, May 29th from 13:15 to 18:30. Here are the main themes addressed during this France Session:

> Reconstruction and modernization
> Strategy and restructuring
> Real Estate Management
> Innovation Research and Cooperation / Campus Health
> Hospitality and Logistics
> Sustainable Development
> Digital and connected hospital
> Organizational Innovations / Flow Management / Hospital without walls
> Architecture for an aging population and behavioral health

Click here to download the full program of the seminar

To attend the Seminar, book your visitor badge by clicking here– paying access. (Click here to see prices)

D.A.T.E Design • Architecture • Technology • Environment

ART OF D.A.T.E Paris Healthcare Week 20183 Keynotes gathering the greatest international experts :

1. The evolution of French University Hospitals – Tuesday 29 may – 1:15 pm – 1:45 pm
Advances in modern medicine and technological innovations are accompanied by a continuing
challenge to hospital practices and organizations.
60 years after their creation, the University Hospital Centers (CHU) remain the flagship of the French public health system. Through their reflections and their commitments on major projects, the French university hospitals are positioning themselves as national and international references in all the leading fields.
Given the major technological and human developments, often impossible to anticipate, how to design each new construction and modernization to provide the hospital with a highly efficient and scalable tool worthy of the 21st century?

2. International meetings of healthcare design on the Village of Architects  Wednesday 30 may – 9:15 am – 10:00 am

Author :  David Entibi, Chief editor Architecture Hospitalière Magazines & Gérard Huet, Architect.

The dynamic that has taken root in the French and international networks around the architectural design dedicated to healthcare favors today more than ever the exchange and the sharing of experience between all the professionals who think and design our future healthcare facilities. The organization of the UIA- Public Health Group seminar is an exceptional opportunity to mark the meeting between all these designers from around the world.

After the presentation of the European architect’s village to the international guests and the announcement of the creation of the “French Speaking Union Architects for Health”, all the members of the UIA Public Health Group and the Europeans architects will exchange together during a friendly breakfast

3. Paris, London, Berlin – Thursday 31 may – 9:15 am – 10:00 am
Hospitals may be out of date on the day of their inauguration. The time required from design to delivery of buildings is increasingly out of sync with the pace of innovation.
How to reconcile the hospital architecture with the time of technological, medical and organizational innovations?

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Village des architectes - Paris Healthcare Week 2017

For 5 years now, Paris Healthcare Week has welcomed this village, becoming a major meeting place for hospital architecture stakeholders.

The Architects Village is gathering thirty national and international agencies and offices, on a dedicated area in the heart of the show and oriented to the reflections on the evolution of French and European hospital and medico-social.
Nearly 20 conferences, debates and round tables based on themes at the heart of health professionals’ concerns. Developed for 3 days, and moderated by specialized professional journalists, the program is organized as part of a shared agenda.

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