The French medical device market was evaluated at 20 billion euros in 2015. It is a fast growing market with growth of + 5% per year.In that positive context, INTERMEDITECH IS THE ONLY FRENCH PROFESSIONAL EVENT for suppliers and manufacturers of the medical device industry.

Product categories exhibited:

? Adhesives
? Cleanroom
? Components, parts, modules, OEM
? Plastics manufacturing
? Consulting
? Electrical and electronic components
? Filter
? In vitro accessories
? Manufacturing services
? Measurement, test, quality control
? Motors and transmissions
? Packaging
? Plasturgy
? Printing and labelling
? Pumps and valves
? Raw materials
? Software
? Sterilisation
? Subcontracting
? Tubings and tube equipment

Visitors’ profile:

? Buyers
? Design engineers
? Engineers and technicians for R&D and production departments
? General managers
? Medical technology exhibitors of Health-ITExpo
? Medical technology exhibitors of HopitalExpo
? Packaging specialists
? Process engineers
? Product development engineers
? Production managers
? Qualification and validation specialists
? R&D Managers
? Technical procurement managers

The Paris Healthcare Week 

Intermeditech takes place during the Paris Healthcare Week.
The Paris Healthcare Week is the leading professional event for the French healthcare ecosystem.
It gathers:

  • Intermeditech
  • HopitalExpo
  • GerontHandicapExpo
  • Health-IT Expo
  • Salon Infirmier® (Nursing Event)


  • 750 exhibitors
  • 29 058 visitors (9.18% foreign countries and overseas)
  • Over 250 conferences, forum and workshops
  • Over 4 000 participants in the various speaking slots


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