Architecture in the spotlight

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7 November 2017

The Paris Healthcare Week 2018 shines a spotlight on hospital architecture and will host the 38th international seminar of the International Union of Architects (UIA) Public Health Group.

This year, hospital architecture will be at the forefront of the Paris Healthcare Week, which will bring together all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, from 29 to 31 May 2018. Through a host of events, the trade show will serve as a think tank on the renovation of hospitals.

Architecture in the spotlight

Over the last few years, the Paris Healthcare Week has placed particular emphasis on hospital architecture, with a dedicated Architecture Village. In 2018, the trade show will host the annual seminar of the UIA’s public health group, and will organise three keynote speeches, entitled “The Art of D.A.T.E.”, by major international experts.

This dynamic forum for discussion is an outstanding opportunity for France and Europe, enabling hospitals, architects, engineers, industrial companies and all other stakeholders involved in the future of healthcare establishments, to share their visions of the evolution of national and international hospital structures, on an architectural, technological and human level.

A number of topics will be addressed, including the digitalisation of hospitals, the ecological issues involved in hospital design, architecture that takes the elderly into account, and special facilities dedicated to psychiatric care.

> #PHW18: Architects Village

For 5 years now, Paris Healthcare Week has welcomed the Architects Village, which brings together thirty offices and national and international agencies, in a privileged area at the heart of the show and oriented towards reflections on the evolution of French and European hospital and medico-social.

Nearly 20 conferences, debates and round tables based on the concerns of health professionals embellish a program that has become, over the years, the major event for hospital architecture stakeholders.

> Art of D.A.T.E. at #PHW18: three keynotes on today and tomorrow hospital architecture :

* Evolution and modernization of French University Hospitals

Given the major technological and human developments, often impossible to anticipate, how to design each new construction and modernization to provide hospital with a highly efficient and scalable tool worthy of the 21st century ?

Paris vs Londres vs Berlin

How did the history, culture and traditions of these three cities influence the vision of architects and designers in hospital design ?

* Architecture & innovations

How to reconcile the hospital architecture with the time of technological, medical and organizational innovations ?

>  HOSPITAL 21: The International Union of Architects (UIA) “public health group” annual seminar on “Breathing new life for the 21st century hospital”

For its new edition, the Paris Healthcare Week hosts the 38th annual international seminar of the UIA as part of the Congress of the Public Health Group (PHG).

In Paris, the annual seminar will bring together several hundred architects from the world, thus contributing to reflections foreshadowing the hospital of tomorrow.

The International Union of Architects (UIA) is a non-governmental organization which, for several decades, has guaranteed an exchange on this global scale between architects. Its “Public Health” working group (UIA-PHG) has become a think tank and a vast body of knowledge that allows professionals to have a universal vision on the evolution of the hospital park and its new operational modes.


The Paris Healthcare Week is an unmissable annual event for healthcare professionals. The trade show comprises an exhibition aree and a space for discussions (conferences, themed villages and forums) for all stakeholders contributing to the modernisation of the way in which the healthcare system is organised, and serves as a veritable think tank thanks to the involvement of top-level experts.

With 40 years of experience, PG Promotion is an expert in the organisation of professional events in the healthcare sector. Through its experienced and multi-disciplinary staff, and with its knowledge of healthcare professionals and facilities, and their suppliers, PG Promotion offers a comprehensive range of services in response to all of its customers’ expectations, as well as its unique POLITI database of healthcare and medical/care establishments.

ABOUT THE FHF (French hospital federation)

The FHF was created in 1924 and represents more than 1,000 hospitals and approximately 3,800 medical/care establishments.

Serving as an umbrella organisation for hospitals, the FHF is founded upon shared values: equal access to quality care for all; determination to innovate and achieve excellence in care, support, teaching and research; continuity of care and treatment.

The FHF encompasses hospitals of various sizes, such as local hospitals, general hospitals, university hospitals and establishments specialising in mental health, as well as nursing homes for the elderly and facilities providing care for people with disabilities.

It advocates for the independent operation of hospital and medical/care facilities, as in this way each establishment can adapt appropriately to local requirements.

It works to create a veritable public healthcare service, bringing together professionals from the healthcare and medical/care sectors in each region so as to improve cohesion between care plans and patients’ lives.

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