3 jours dédiés
aux acteurs de la santé

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2325May 2023

Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles - Hall 1



GerontHandicapExpo, trade show dedicated to advanced age and disability professionals

GerontHandicapExpo, le salon pour les professionnels du grand-âge et du handicap

GerontHandicapExpo, for improved care of the elderly and people with disabilities

As a partner exhibition of HopitalExpo, GerontHandicapExpo offers a program dedicated to professionals and to the medico-social actors specializing in the care of elderly and disabled persons. GerontHandicapExpo has become the leader of all trade shows and events dedicated to the medico-social sector.

A unique get together for all actors in the medico-social field

GerontHandicapExpo is a unique meeting place between healthcare professionals dedicated to the elderly and persons with disabilities. As much a trade show as it is a place for conferences and discussions, GerontHandicapExpo is an opportunity for discovery, exchange and debate.

A vector and a partner of change

Faced with growing economic pressure, a rising demand and limited means, the actors in the sector have made GerontHandicapExpo an opportunity for foresight and reflection, buoyed by the dynamic momentum of HopitalExpo and HIT. Attendees can build an understanding of the issues and have a glimpse of upcoming solutions for their institutions or their careers.

A fast-evolving industry

Decision-makers had it right: GerontHandicapExpo is the theatre of many world premières, as much for economic actors (materials, equipment, technologies, and services) as for political and administrative actors. GerontHandicapExpo, just like HopitalExpo for hospital professionals, has emerged as a powerful meeting point in the relationship between political officials in charge of the medico-social sector on the one hand, and industry professionals on the other hand. Numerous reforms and large undertakings were unveiled at those events.

A meeting without walls

Just like the health and medico-social sectors, it is fully entwined with HopitalExpo, and benefits fully from its economic and political dimensions. Exhibitors and visitors also benefit fully from synergies between HIT and the nursing trade show (Salon Infirmier) which takes place within the SantExpo event.

Overview of the GerontHandicapExpo trade show

  • A representation of the entire medico-social ecosystem: institutional, services, consulting, training, hotel services, logistics, medical equipment and devices, technical aids, construction, technical facilities, etc.
  • Agoras and debates around management, architecture, construction, transformation, patient care, etc.
  • Solutions to meet the challenges of institutions: Portfolio of solutions adapted to various types of residents, accommodation solutions, scalable architectural solutions, services to institutions (food for special needs, laundry, etc.), management of sustainable development issues, etc.
  • Five thematic exhibition spaces: Construction and technical facilities; Hotel services and logistics; Equipment, medical devices, and technical assistance; Service, consulting, training, and institutions; IT, information systems and e-health.
  • A meeting space for 20,000 visitors and over 800



Paris Healthcare Week 2018

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