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2325May 2023

Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles - Hall 1



Health-ITExpo, the leading trade show for healthcare IT

HIT, le salon professionnel leader de l’IT santé

Health-ITExpo: The healthcare organisation of tomorrow is here today

Created in 2007 by the Hospital Federation of France (FHF), HIT (Health-ITExpo) is the leading trade show in France for ICTs, information systems and e-health. HIT is the digital transformation and high-technology highlight of the SantExpo event.

Technology at the heart of healthcare organisation

By definition, Health-ITExpo is a window on the future. It accompanies the transformation in healthcare activity and coverage through the use of information and communication technologies within healthcare and medico-social institutions. Today, the event has become a reflection of the digital revolution taking place in the industry.

A meeting that cannot be missed

Indeed, Health-ITExpo has shown continuous growth and increasing importance within the spectrum of events that are considered “must-attends” in the health IT sector. In 2018, a total of 350 exhibitors will be present, dedicated to various topics in IT and digital transformation, within well-identified exhibition spaces.

To showcase the dynamics of the sector and its increasing impact on health institutions, Health-ITExpo hosts and federates the innovative solutions which will revolutionize the codes and practices of healthcare in the future, by way of theme villages, start-up companies, expert trails, and conferences or round tables on topical subjects.

A vector and a partner of change

Health-ITExpo also illustrates the willingness of the SantExpo exhibitions to embrace innovation and to accompany change. Focused on building the healthcare system of the future, Health-ITExpo is a relevant teaching and foresight tool for everyone. It outlines the ways in which technologies can improve the quality of patient care and the daily experience of health professionals.

All attendees can build an understanding of the issues and have a glimpse of the solutions of the future for their institutions, services and careers.

Overview of the Health-ITExpo trade show

  • A representation of all ICT, IS and e-Health actors: institutional, services, consulting, training, software publishers, computer integrators, IT manufacturers, e-health solutions, etc.
  • Agoras for experience feedbacks, in areas such as artificial intelligence, digital retirement homes, imaging, security and blockchain technology, information systems and territory hospital groups (GHTs), but also connected objects, telemedicine, etc.
  • A start-up village
  • A meeting between 20,000 visitors and over 350 exhibitors (out of over 800 exhibitors at the Paris Healthcare week).


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