SantExpo, THE annual meeting of the health and medico-social sector

SantExpo is the leading French event of the French Hospital Federation, which brings together every year all decision-makers and healthcare professionals involved in the management, digital, care pathway, patient experience, equipment, materials, construction and transformation of healthcare institutions.

Organized by Quinze Mai, SantExpo brings together the historic trade shows of the French Hospital Federation HopitalExpo, GerontHandicapExpo which were created in 1987 and HIT since 2007. This event has existed since 1966.

SantExpo offers a global, diversified and complete vision of technologies, services and innovative solutions for the healthcare system.

Focused on innovation and the major trends in health, social and medico-social establishments, SantExpo is a formidable tool for teaching and supporting change. Everyone can understand the challenges and see the future solutions for their establishment, their department and their career.

All the players in the public and private sectors discover, exchange and debate. Over the years, SantExpo has established itself as the show for all the expertise useful to the healthcare world.

The next edition will be held from May 21 to 23, 2024 in Paris Porte de Versailles.

SantExpo puts health at the heart of democracy, the main theme of the 2023 edition

In recent years, health has become a major topic of public debate. The scale of the COVID crisis and its consequences on society have illustrated with unprecedented force how health is both a personal, even intimate, issue and an essential political subject. In democracies, the measures taken to deal with the pandemic have sought to reconcile ethical requirements, respect for freedoms and public debate with the objective of efficiency.

Beyond the COVID pandemic, in France as in Europe, the crisis of the health systems questions the means allocated to them in a difficult economic context, as well as the rights and duties of patients and health professionals.

In this context, twenty years after the law on the rights of patients and the quality of the health system, the strengthening of health democracy and the place of users is expected. The reforms announced within the framework of the Conseil national de la refondation (CNR) are intended to give citizens and local debate a greater role in the development and implementation of health policies.

How can health policies be designed and organized democratically, both locally and nationally? How to strengthen the place of the patient in the health system and health democracy? These questions will be at the heart of SantExpo 2023

In 2023, the 57th edition of SantExpo has integrate the pavilion 1, to adapt to the development of the four sectors represented by the 600 exhibitors (equipment manufacturers, software editors, suppliers, e-health entrepreneurs, medical device manufacturers, architects, carers, institutional …) and welcome the expected 30,000 professionals: caregivers, experts, decision makers, users and health professionals involved in the management, digital, equipment and construction of health facilities.

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