Exhibitor profile


By taking part in SantExpo 2024, you'll be joining a community of leading companies benefiting from an exceptional exhibition platform. The 750 exhibitors are organized into 4 main sectors to facilitate and optimize the visitor experience.

IT sector

The information technology sector reflects the digital revolution underway in the healthcare sector, highlighting significant advances and innovative solutions. Exhibitors in this sector support the transformation of healthcare activities and care within healthcare establishments, thanks to information and communication technologies.  


Innovation Space of the FHF Fund

A major attraction of the SantExpo Fair, the Innovation Space of the FHF Fund stands as the new reference venue for discovering innovative and impactful solutions in the health sector. The Innovation Space of the FHF Fund aims to gather and inspire decision-makers and professionals in the health sector, whether influential or passionate, by inviting them to explore, discuss, and debate significant advancements.

The Cybersecurity Village (New for 2024)

Dive into the heart of the digital security universe by participating in the Cybersecurity Village. It's the ideal opportunity to showcase your dedicated solutions and expertise in this crucial area for health establishments, which are increasingly the target of cyberattacks.

The Catel Showroom Village

This Village hosts more than 20 companies, offering a showcase dedicated to the presentation of innovative solutions, in data management and applications for patients.

The Start-up Village

With the presence of 30 start-ups under 3 years old, the Start-up Village is brimming with ideas and innovative solutions that contribute to improving the health of tomorrow. Young, innovative, French or international, these key players address the challenges related to the digital transformation of health practices.

Building, Technical platform sector

All those who think about and design healthcare establishments will be present in the Building, Technical Platform sector: general building contractors, architectural firms, engineering firms, equipment manufacturers, design offices (floor, wall, ceiling, sanitary, lighting). Innovation is also a key element of this universe, with innovative equipment and materials that will transform the technical platform: operating theatres, sterilization, intensive care, etc...


The Architects' village
The Architects' Village is a privileged forum for exchange and reflection, offering French and European healthcare players and designers a unique platform to share their vision of the evolution of hospital and medico-social facilities in France and abroad. Through their expertise in healthcare architecture, these professionals are shaping the future of the sector by presenting innovative solutions and perspectives.

The Construction / Engineering village

Explore the opportunities that await you by meeting builders, design offices and engineering firms, who are positioning themselves as key partners for your future construction and/or renovation projects. The program includes a complete immersion in the crucial fields of construction, sustainable development, biomedical and hospital engineering, hygiene, works, and building and personal safety.

Hospitality, Logistics sector

Furnishings, catering, laundry, hygiene or maintenance... Exhibitors in the Hospitality, Logistics sector offer a complete range of services and products designed to create welcoming hospital establishments attentive to the needs of patients or residents, thus contributing to an optimal hospitality experience.


Wellness village / Entertainment
A breeding ground for ideas to improve patients' daily lives, the Well-being / Entertainment Village brings together service companies offering entertainment and well-being solutions for residents, patients and caregivers in health and medical-social care establishments.

Medical equipment, Technical aids, Care equipment sector

This sector highlights essential medical equipment and assistive devices in healthcare facilities, ensuring safer patient care.

Service, Consulting, Training, Financing, Institutional sector

This sector brings together institutions and players in the fields of consulting, financing and human resources, whose services provide crucial support to healthcare establishments in achieving high levels of performance and optimizing their organization.


The Pharmaceutical Companies Village - Leem

Leem is the professional organization of pharmaceutical companies operating in France. Working at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry's challenges, Leem aims to be a driving force for proposals to promote the industrial attractiveness of France and lead a health policy focused on the needs of patients that takes into account both the return of therapeutic innovations and the goal of controlling health care expenses. Leem represents the sector's voice to institutions and aims to enhance the image of pharmaceutical companies.

Advice / Training Village

As health, social, and medico-social establishments must constantly evolve and train, the Advice / Training Village offers the opportunity to exchange with the partners of tomorrow. Located within the Service, Advice, Training, Institutional area of SantExpo, the Advice / Training Village hosts a dozen consulting firms and training organizations.